Mission Statement

Inspire With Us is a website to help our community. Both founders are recent graduates of high schools in the Bay Area, which are without a doubt stressful and demanding environments. We believe that these difficult environments are compounded by a lack of understanding between fellow students. Our goal is to remove this ignorance and foster a greater respect for the human condition that we all share.

How It Works

We will periodically publish questions designed to provoke thoughtful, unique, and positive responses. Users can make video responses to these questions directly in their web browser by clicking the button below. We will check these videos to make sure their content is appropriate. Every week, the creator of the most thoughtful response will win $25 through Paypal.

Also, for a limited time everyone who makes a video will get $3.


To see video responses to the below questions, click on the corresponding row.

What would you say to somebody going through a rough patch in life?
What are you pretending not to know?

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The below videos are curated to inspire, motivate, and make you think.

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